Remedying the double booking disaster

Remedying the double booking disaster

So your week starts out simple enough. It’s the usual runs, maybe a wedding or a prom, then disaster strikes, somehow a specific vehicle has been double booked and you only have one of those in your fleet. A double booking can not only cause chaos in the office it can cause serious damage to your business’s image.

Customers expect to get what they pay for and when it falls short they let EVERYONE hear about. This usually starts on social media and grows from there. So it is important to head this off early.

If you find the double booking early enough, make a decision on who you think could move their dates. If both are for weddings for example that won’t be possible so you need to look at alterative arrangements.

Look at your fleet and see what would be a nice upgrade for one of the bookings. If this is possible, have a member of your management staff call and explain the situation and offer to upgrade to a larger better unit at no cost. If this is unacceptable to your gust or not possible, the last course of action would be reaching out to local affiliates to see if they have openings for a similar unit. A member of your management staff should advise the party that they will be getting a similar unit but due to unforeseen circumstances you had to reach out an affiliate to help with their transportation needs, always maintaining the highest levels of apology, and make it very clear that you are doing everything you can to amend the situation.

At this point if you have done everything in your power to make the client happy and they are still not satisfied, you will have to refund the deposit and do everything you can to try and salvage that relationship.

This is a worst case scenario situation, but it is always better to have a plan in place prior to the emergency instead of hoping it doesn’t happen to you.

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