I Can Do This -Starting Your Own Business

I Can Do This -Starting Your Own Business

Part 2 of 3

Starting up a transportation business can be a rough road but these questions to ask yourself and tips can help make it a smooth ride.

What kind of license do I need? This depends on the type of vehicle you operate and the state reside. In New York State there are three different classes of CDL (Commercial Driver License) licenses with different endorsements that range from allowing you to operate a large vehicle with air brakes or carry passengers. It is crucial that you are aware of, and get the proper licensure for drivers to be able to operate each vehicle in your fleet. You wouldn’t operate a car without the proper license and if one did, and was caught doing so there would be serious legal retribution; this is the same for buses, but to an even more sever degree.

Contract or not to contract? Do you plan on landing a contract with a local casino, winery, parking garage, or tourist distension for the exclusive rights to service their transportation needs?  While these contracts can be a source of steady revenue, you must keep in mind they are awarded, almost all of time, to the lowest bidder.  When bidding understand your fleet capability, cost of operations and don’t over extend yourself.


We still have more to cover on the topic of what transportation owners and operators have to consider on their quest for success. For more on setting yourself up for success in our industry stay tuned for the final installment of our blog, part 3 of 3 – ‘I Can Do This’.

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