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We understand that the buying process can be overwhelming. Our finance department is here to help you make sense of it.

Why Finance?

Bus financing gives your business the flexibility to expand or improve your fleet while managing your cashflow.

Don Brown Bus Sales has developed a variety of programs to fit your specific needs. We have built strong relationships with a number of secure, reputable institutions so that we can offer you the financing you need at a cost that works for your business. Our application process is simple, flexible and fast making it easy for you to get the equipment you need to run your business at its full potential.

Talk to your sales representative today, and let us show you what we can do!

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We Offer the Following Financing Options:

  • Traditional Loan/Finance
    • Sales tax is billed at purchase
    • You own the bus
    • Bus purchase will reflect on your financial statements
  • Walk-Away Lease
    • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet
    • Little to no risk for the lessee
    • Walk away from your equipment at lease expiration with no obligations
  • TRAC Lease
    • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet
    • Lower rental rates available due to depreciation being kept by the Lessor
    • Purchase your equipment at an agreed upon residual at lease expiration
  • FMV (Fair Market Value) Purchase Option Lease
    • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet
    • Zero down payment available (depending on credit & payment)
    • Walk away from your equipment at lease expiration with no obligations
    • Equipment may be purchase at lease expiration at Fair Market Value
  • Lease Purchase ($1 Buyout)
    • You keep the depreciation benefits
    • Preserve your credit line
    • Zero down payment available (depending on credit & payment)
    • Own your equipment at the end of the lease for as little as $1.00
  • Municipality Lease
    • If you qualify as a municipality, we can offer you extremely low rates because of the tax exemption treatment that is provided to you

Don’t see what you’re looking for listed here? Give us a call! We will work with you to customize your financing to fit your business.

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Should you buy or lease your bus?

Find out which option is right for you and your business.


Equipment or vehicle leasing is a lot like renting an apartment; you pay a monthly fee to use it but don't own it, and you aren't making payments toward ownership. The leased equipment remains the property of the lessor.

  • Leasing Benefits:
    • Keep your equipment up to date. You want the very best in quality, safety and innovation for your business. While the vehicle you lease today will be the best-in-class, in five years your needs may change. With a lease, you pass the financial burden of obsolescence to the leasing company. Leasing gives you the freedom to upgrade your equipment easily and at a rate that works for you. The result? You’ll be able to keep up with your competitors without draining your resources.
    • Preserve your credit lines. As a growing business, you want to preserve your existing lines of credit. Leasing allows you to list your bus or buses as an expense, giving you access to your maximum amount of credit.
    • Lower monthly payments. Leases typically have lower payments than loans.
    • You pay nothing up front. Many small businesses struggle with cash flow, especially as they’re trying to expand. Most leasing transactions require no down payment, so you can acquire the newest, state-of-the-art equipment without emptying your pockets.
    • Tax advantages. Leases can be structured to fit your business objectives, by either being recorded on or off balance sheet. When classified as an expense, lease payments reduce your tax liability and can qualify as an operating lease for financial reporting purposes. In some cases, leasing can provide for a 100% write-off of the monthly lease payment.
    • Flexible repayment. We know that all businesses are different. We offer a wide variety of repayment options to fit any needs. You can match your lease payments with your business cash flow by utilizing skip payments, step payments, monthly, annual or deferred payments.


When your purchase your bus, whether with a cash or with a loan, you become the immediate owner. Although there may be a lien on the title, all ownership rights are passed to you and your business.

  • Purchasing Benefits:
    • Ownership.The most obvious advantage of buying your equipment is that you gain ownership of it. You are free to sell the bus at any time, and you are not locked into any fixed ownership period.
    • No restrictions. When you own your vehicle, you are free to use it however will best benefit your business. There are no restrictions on mileage, and no additional charges for wear and tear. You call all the shots regarding maintenance and care.
    • You can deduct your equipment. According to Section 179 of the IRS code, you can deduct the full cost of newly purchase assets in the first year. With most leases, you can only deduct the monthly payments.
    • Depreciation benefits. Owners can depreciate the purchase price, less the estimated salvage value, over the useful tax life of the equipment.

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